Time After Time

Joe spent many years playing with the Duke Pearson big band, which was a veritable who’s who of late 1960s jazz: Bobby Cranshaw, Mickey Roker, Donald Byrd, Freddie Hubbard, Burt Collins, Pepper Adams, Benny Powell, Frank Foster, Randy Brecker, Garnett Brown, Jerry Dodgion. Joe played solo on Time After Time and hit an unbelievably high note at the end–a studio moment he talked about until the very end!

Here’s the entire album, Introducing The Duke Pearson Big Band–a true classic…

One thought on “Time After Time

  1. Joe Shepley was a huge influence in my life. He was a family man First then a musician. I am happy to hear that he lived a full life. I am sure that the love from his family drove him to be successful as a father first. After visiting his home in the late 1960’s and seeing all of the love his children had for him I wanted to be like him. My father is Duke Pearson and he and Joe had a beautiful friendship. Thank you for sharing your heart felt words about your father. He was and still is a big influence in my life and career.

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